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The Christmas Socks Dilemna

Every morning I wake up, get dressed and reach for a pair of socks. My favorite sock choices as of Christmas 2012 have been my Christmas socks my mother so nicely gifted me while I was sick and needed a little pick me up (you are the devil if new socks don't excite you). So, now, heading towards the Mid of March the question remains—how long can you wear Christmas socks?

Today, I'm wearing my snowman socks and as they slowly creep out of the top of my booties—I don't even care. Why, you may ask? Because they are so warm and comfortable—and if even one little kid on the subway sees the top of the snowman's head on my socks and gets excited—I have done my good deed for the day (this logic works in my head—just go with me). But everyday, without hesitation, some miserable person who hates happiness asks me why are you still wearing Christmas socks?


Well, let me tell you my opinion—1)Christmas socks are comfortable 2)Christmas socks are cute 3)Christmas socks do not have an expiration date—therefore I am wearing them everyday of the year I please 4)Christmas socks for everyone!! (no this isn't an episode of Oprah—so everyone doesn't really get Christmas socks—but you should totally go buy them, they probably are really cheap right now!)

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