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Mr. Boogers

I was thrilled today to get on the train and find a window seat—I am always stuck in the middle of a three-seater. I curled up to the window and prepared for a nice nap. The next thing I know, a grungy man who liked like his last shower was in 2009 sat next to me. Annoyed, I scooted closer to the window and closed my eyes. I opened them once more because something felt off. Long and behold—this creature sitting next to me had his fingers moving rapidly IN his nose searching for something. I then watched him gleefully take his finger out and on his index finger lay a HUGE booger. As he inspected the new treasure he had just retrieved, I tried my best not to gag. Already traumatized—I then watched him slowly enter the contents of his search into his mouth, swallow and turn to look at me with a proud grin. Yes, I can't believe it either.

I literally did not know what to do. Was this normal? Does anyone past 3 pick their nose and eat it? Am I missing something? I had to escape this situation. I tried to think of a not so rude way to leave my seat. I looked around at all the other people—sleeping peacefully on the train, luckily for them, they did not have Mr. Boogers sitting next to them. Finally, I thought of it—I'll say I'm going to the bathroom and never come back. "Excuse me", I politely said as I left the seat towards the back of the train. He grunted, got up, AND WIPED his hands against the seat. As I exited it took everything out of me to not turn to him and tell him how filthy and disgusting I thought he was, and how he should go back to elementary school to learn about personal hygiene. Reluctantly, I didn't.


I found a seat in the back of the train pushed up against the exit—but I didn't care, even sitting on the floor would be better than sitting next to Mr. Boogers.

I hope tomorrow's morning train ride is much less eventful.

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